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 Weekly Krav Maga Class

Weekly Krav Maga Class

Self Defense

Martial arts can take decades to master and are an amazing life path of self discovery, but they aren't suited for modern self defense.  You need practical, useful, and simple real life techniques  you can use to defend yourself on the street the day you learn them.  Learning even the most basic of tools and skills for self preservation can mean the difference between getting home safe and not getting home at all.  Even more important than the techniques are the strategies and mindset to help you deal with any situation. 

Topics include: escaping unarmed attacker(s), knife and gun defenses, self-defense from inside and outside of a vehicle, awareness strategies for avoiding conflicts, and more.

 Meditating in China Over Monastery

Meditating in China Over Monastery

Meditation / Mindfulness

Meditation is a simple exercise for the mind, but it is not easy!  Let's get something straight right now!  Meditation isn't about learning how to control your thoughts and feelings.  It's about learning how to not have your thoughts and feelings control you! 

These classes cover the basics of object focus meditation; learning the skill of mental discipline in concentration.  You will learn techniques for how to calm the mind, how to deal with distractions, and how to practice mindfulness.  You will learn the skill of awareness, and how it can change every experience in your life.  We will cover several breathing exercises, basic postures, sitting, walking, and standing meditations.  You will learn that meditation is like exercise; there are many different types and not every type is suitable for every person.  Let's discover a practice that works for you! 

Private classes also offer the chance to ask questions, track your progress, and get feedback on your practice - an invaluable opportunity not available in group classes.

 Apprentice Yutaka Studying Hard

Apprentice Yutaka Studying Hard

Apprenticeship Program

Have you ever wanted to train with the crazy Zen master in the woods?  Ever wanted to study like the karate kid with Mr. Miyagi or like Luke in the cave with Yoda?  Want to find the teacher on your own personal hero's journey?  Well I got news for you.  You don't have to go all the way to China and climb a mountain to find one.  Just to Miami....and there's no mountains.  

The curriculum for this program is intense.  This program is modeled after one month long meditation retreats taught at Zen monasteries in China.  There will be lessons every day.  Meditation, Tai Chi, Academic Lectures on Philosophy Eastern thought and Buddhism, Self Defense, Culture and Language Studies, and lessons on living mindfully.  Apprentices will have homework, read extensively, and will live by strict codes of conduct.  The schedule will be unique for each student and designed around the apprentice’s work/school schedule.  If the apprentice is from out of town they may rent a room in my house if available or other accommodations will be made. Apprentices must apply to be in this program and will only be accepted at the discretion of the teacher.  Apprentices will be asked to perform outside study, including reading books, watching videos, studying meditation, and keeping a journal of their studies.


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