Meditation Offerings

Morning Mediation in Chan Buddhist temple in Wenzhou China. Cory's bald head can be seen front right.

Morning Mediation in Chan Buddhist temple in Wenzhou China. Cory's bald head can be seen front right.

Looking through the keyhole of the mind's eye…

Meditation is an ancient technique used for many centuries!  It's something everyone can do; it's simply a method of observing the experiences you are having.  It won't give you super powers, but it can color everything in your life with a new perspective. It is amazing how beneficial it can be to one's mental health, peace of mind, and resilience to stress.

For private lessons I give incentives for ongoing students. If you take one class but end up signing up for more lessons I'll prorate the remaining lessons to make it equal out to the per class rate for 4 or 12 classes.  

-Private Meditation


(+$15/extra student)

For those who need to get chill quick!  This session is completely dedicated to you!  You will learn what meditation is, how to do it, and give you several techniques that you can rely on again and again for the rest of your life!  If you're already sufficient in your practice, I can teach you new techniques or help you hone to your mindset, so that you get the most out of your meditation!

-Private Meditation

4 Classes
$240 ($60/class)

(+$15/extra student)

Meditation is a simple exercise for the mind, but it is not easy!  These classes will cover the basics of object focus meditation; learning the skill of mental discipline in concentration.  You will learn techniques for how to calm the mind, how to deal with distractions, and how to practice mindfulness. The class will cover several breathing exercises, basic postures, sitting, walking, and standing meditations.  Private classes offer the chance to ask questions and get feedback on your practice - an invaluable opportunity not available in group classes.

-Private Meditation
On-going Study

12 Classes
$600 ($50/class)

(+$15/extra student)

Want to go deeper with your practice?  On going students will have a wider curriculum of meditation techniques and topics.  The course will go into more depth of the various types of practices, as well as covering some more obscure techniques and more interesting philosophies that meditation can lead one to.  As you progress, I will give you more space and offer less instruction and you begin to make your practice your own. I will transition from being a teacher to a guide and I will help you find the practices that suit you and feed you books and show you where to go to continue to deepen your practice.   

-Group Drop-In Classes

(Rate Varies by Location)

See the Calendar for upcoming drop in classes!  Just looking to get chill? Then drop-in classes are definitely for you!  The topic may vary from class to class and its easy to just show up and enjoy a good sit!

-Large Group Guided
Meditation Seminar

Individual training to learn how to meditate properly is always useful, but sometimes we just want to have a chill sit and have someone do all the hard work for us.  Let me guide you through a calming session of breath work and a relaxing guided meditation.



Nicole Jonas

I met Cory when he was a special guest at a meditation workshop I attend. That day he led a tea meditation, and I have thought about his words ever since. We reconnected about a year later and now he is my meditation teacher.

I have discovered a more intimate relationship with my meditation. It isn’t just something I do, it’s something I experience and my consumption of life feels sweeter.

For me, Cory teaches with impact. He’s articulate, so smart, and always evolving. I can’t wait to hear the next thing he has to say and continue the exploration!

Cory is very flexible in his teaching, working with what the individual needs to better themselves rather than a generic lesson plan. which is needed yet really rare to find in a teacher these days. He also makes the learning experience fun. I attend his Krav Maga class which has helped me with my self esteem and confidence. I definitely recommend his classes to anyone even remotely interested in learning self defense or meditation.

-Simone Abecassis

EXCELLENT and VERY WELL credential instructor in meditation, martial arts, and how these two subjects are taught. Mr. Hardaker knows how to teach. He knows the material deeply (lived in Japan for years and has been doing martial arts for 20+ years). And he is compassionate and truly cares about his students and their progress.

-Ernest Ivan Romero